The one thing you need to do today

What it means to take aligned action and how to do it

If you're reading this newsletter right now, it means you know you have the potential to do bigger things in your life. I want to help you tap into that knowing, lean into it, and see it fully expressed.

I want to talk about aligned action today. Aligned action simply means your insides — your soul, your intuition, or however you refer to it it — and how you move about the world (your outsides!) — being, speaking, and behaving — are in agreement. They align. 

The challenge: See if you can challenge yourself today to take more aligned actions. Maybe this means intentionally doing more self-care or focusing on the one thing you personally want to do. Maybe this means saying no or delegating things you don't like to do. 

Extra credit: Let me know one thing you did to get more aligned action today.

Have any specific questions about taking aligned actions, or have a topic idea? Reply and let me know!